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1m = 100cm 1cm = 10mm 1ft = 12in 1in = 0.0277778yd
1m = 100cm 1cm = 10mm 1ft = 12in 1in = 0.0277778yd
1m = 100cm 1cm = 10mm 1ft = 12in 1in = 0.0277778yd

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Building Sand / Soft Sand

Our soft or building sand supplies are much finer than sharp sand and are ideal if you require a smooth and flexible finish.

Give us a call on 0800 808 5721 to order your soft sand or building sand today.

It is greatly versatile and is commonly used in all manner of construction projects for a huge variety of general applications, including:

  • Bricklaying (mortar)
  • Under slabs
  • Crazy paving joints
  • Rendering

We have extensive stocks of different varieties of building sand and our expert team will be happy to discuss your requirements, ensuring that you receive the correct aggregate material for your project – whether you’re undertaking a large commercial or a smaller domestic project.

Building Sand Suppliers

We will also help you calculate the amount you need to avoid waste. Simply contact us today to arrange a convenient delivery.

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